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Mama et Moi Meets Tiffany | Little Me London

Hi Everyone! So as you may have seen Earlier this month we launched our new blog series.  We wanted to get to know the faces behind the squares of social media.  Next in our series, we get to meet the lovely Tiffany from Little Me London.  Some of you may have seen or heard Tiffany before as she has been on TV and on the Radio also.   Take a seat, grab a cuppa or vino :) and take a peek inside as Mama et Moi Meets Tiffany.  Don't forget to come back next week to see a glimpse into her life with our blog... 48 Hours In The Life Of....


Tell us a little about yourself & how your blog came about?

I had my first baby just 4 months ago and whilst I was pregnant I was trying to find a "mummy blog" that appealed to my way of life and covered some of the things I was thinking about. For example I was having my baby privately and was also wanting to hire a maternity nurse for when he arrrived but I couldn't find any blog that dealt with any of these things. One of my friends coined the term "luxury parenting" and that's when I realised that a "luxury parenting blog" was what was missing! So I set up Little Me London!

How do you juggle work/being a mama and keeping your blog up together?

I'm fortunate enough to have a nanny who works two days a week so whilst she is looking after Rupert I sit down and blog. Saying that, as a journalist ( I write for a lot of the popular women's magazine) I take any opportunity I can to go write, so sometimes I'm blogging whilst Rupert is attached to my left boob feeding and other times it's in the middle of the 4am feed!

Who are you top blogger influencers and why?

I think all mummy blogs are fabulous as everyone is unique - after no two mummies are are same! I love the unmumsy mum as she makes me laugh!


What have been your blog high's and low's ?

My highs have been that I've just signed up an amazing team of experts to work on the blog! I have Rachel Waddilove who was Zara Philips maternity nurse as our "baby expert", Anita's house, who was gwenyth paltrows maternity concierge, as our "baby gear expert."/ and The Kensington Wing (private maternity at Chelsea and Westminster) as our "birth experts" The low was defiantly when I had go design the website!! I'm awful at anything technical but am proud to say I did end up designing it all myself (there were just a few tantrums and tears in the process!!)

Three top tips you wish you knew when you started to blog?

1) social media is everything - make sure you are on every social media channel going!

2) blogging and networking go hand in hand. So be prepared to tell anyone and EVERYONE about your blog!

3) keep a notepad with you at all times as inspiration can strike at any moment! I had my latest blog idea whilst swimming in the sea on holiday in Ibiza and had go scramble out of the sea to write it down before I forgot!

What was your weirdest pregnancy craving?

Mars bars. I seriously could have eaten ten a day! The funny thing is I can't stand them now!!

What is the one thing you wish you knew before you had your baba?

I never realised how much help is actually out there! We hired an incredible maternity nurse and having her there for those first two weeks was just amazing! She taught us everything we needed to know about having a baby - from how to breastfeed to learning what his cries meant. It was completely invaluable advice.

If you could only have one item, what is the one thing as a Mama you couldn't live without?

The Baby Bjorn bouncy chair!! Rupert just loves sitting in it and watching the world go by!

Last time you had a full night's sleep?

Sleep? What's that?!?

Most embarrassing Motherhood moment?

Answering the door to the postman, mid breast feed with a boob hanging out. Not my most dignified moment!!

If you had 48 hours without the munchkins what would you do?

Fly over to Ibiza which is where we got married and sit on beach drinking some rose wine and watching the sunset (but to make it really perfect I'd probably also be skyping home so I could see Rupert have his bathtime! )

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?


I actually had my own tv show on sky! I run a proposal planning company called The One Romance ( where we help people propose in unique and amazing ways.

Sky loved what I did and commissioned a 6 part series following me around as I arranged marriage proposals!


What has been the funniest mummy/daddy fails that has happened to you?

Arriving at the airport on our way to Ibiza and Rupert had an explosive poo! But the worse bit? I thought patrick had packed the nappies and he thought I had!! I was stuck in the changing room with poo everywhere and no nappies!! Thankfully a fellow mummy stepped in and helped me out .



We can't thank the lovely Tiffany enough for opening up and sharing a bit about herself.  How amazing to have your own show!  If you don't follow her on instagram then do! You can find her @tiffanylwright or follow her blog


Come back next week so we can see 48 Hours In The Life Of Little Me London

Thank you all for reading and if you want to take part in our blog series then please do get in touch.

Happy Halloween everyone!





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