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Mama et Moi Meets | Laura From Mama Rules

Happy New Year everyone! Wow what a year 2017 was and we are excited to see what 2018 has in store.  It's that time of the month again where we kick off another glimpse of Mama et Moi Meets.  This month we get to know the lovely Laura, owner of Mama Rules and one of our gorgeous brands we stock here at Mama et Moi.  Laura has just welcomed a new addition to her family too, a gorgeous little girl called Mia and Effie Mae looks like she is making the perfect big sister already.  Enough from me, lets take a seat, get comfy and lets get to know Laura with the next instalment, Mama et Moi Meets...

1) Tell us a little about you and how Mama Rules came about?

I have a background in Fashion Retail and on becoming a Mum two years ago I felt there were few products that represented me that didn't compromise my sense of style but fulfilled my new needs as a Mum.

I took on the challenge myself launching this year with baby muslins blankets in fashionable prints. Muslins are a Mum essential that I took everywhere and often they ended up covering me especially when cluster feeding my tiny newborn. So I decided to produce beautiful luxury versions, perfect for both Mum and Baby.

2) How do you juggle work and being a Mama?

It's definitely not an easy option but what is? My current routine is that I mainly work when my little girl is asleep. I do the odd email outside of these times but I can't fully focus when she is wanting my attention, whacking my laptop, etc. Plus I want to give her my full attention when she's awake that's the whole point in creating this working environment.

3) How does motherhood inspire your work?

I have always wanted to create a business that my little girl can be proud of and which means I can provide for her which drives me, she's my main inspiration. I want Mama Rules to pay for my girls to go through university so they know that even if they choose to become mothers themselves one day, they can still pursue all their ambitions.
Also Motherhood opened up a whole new world of products and needs that I didn't understand at all before becoming a Mum. I'm inspired by the amazing mothers I meet to create products for them which they can be proud of and love that won't compromise their sense of style.
4) What's the best business advice you have been given so far?
Know when to outsource and ask for help as you can't be an expert at everything. Don't treat your business as a Mummy project, think big.
5) What have you found the hardest thing about being pregnant the second time around ?
I felt constantly sick and exhausted during the first four months of pregnancy but there is no let up when you have a toddler and business to run. It was especially difficult in my first trimester when I was launching the business and working on events but wasn't telling anyone I was pregnant and felt so sick.
I normally get quite a lot of work done at night but my body just needs to rest sometimes during this time.  It's one thing which I have found frustrating and often kick myself for falling asleep. It's become easier in my second trimester and I don't feel as tired but if I feel I need to sleep then I'm trying allow myself to and give myself a break. There are no risk assessments etc like there was when I was employed. This time round I just have a toddler telling me to get up and play.
6) Who are your top style influencers and why?
I'm admittedly very fickle and flit from loving one thing to another. I do love going from strong minimal styles from the like of Stella McCartney and style icons like Kate Moss to enjoying much more bolder vibrant designs from the likes of Temperley London.
7) What is the one Mama item you couldn't live without?
I always say to mums to invest in a change bag and pram that you love and that works for you as you will use these everyday and obviously baby muslins!
8) Weirdest pregnancy craving?
Nothing crazy. Mainly cheese and meat both times.
9) What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I've bungy jumped, skydived, climbed a glacier etc but I'm scared of stairs and escalators. I have to hold on the whole time to the rail and HATE having to carry a buggy up or down stairs and will avoid it at all costs.
I've lived and worked in Australia, The Netherlands and Ireland. Living in London this time has been the longest period I've spent in one place since growing up.
10) Most embarrassing Mama moment?
Being weed on at a family wedding producing a huge wet patch at the front of my dress. By then everyone was pretty drunk though so I just pretended I'd spilt my drink.
11) If you had 48hrs without the munchkins what would you do?
I'd love to revisit Serville where we got married with all my friends and family around me. It was the most amazing fun time away. This time I'd love to relax a bit more by going to a spa, exploring the city a bit more and eating out late in the evening sun with friends.
12) Top 3 destinations on your bucket list and why?
I've been lucky to travel a lot but would love to go to Brazil to embrace the vibrant culture. I would love to see the natural beauty of the northern lights and take a trip all over Italy to enjoy the delicious food, scenery and passionate culture.
13) What should every Mama do at least once in their life?
Whatever they blooming want to. Yes life changes but once you are used to your new Mama status then you should ensure you have time for you too and continue to follow your dreams.
14) Mama's Rule because .....
When we think we've reached our limits we can still keep pushing them higher. Whether that's pushing out a human, our levels of love and patience or achieving all our goals.
We hope you loved getting to know Laura as much as we did!  I think Brazil is definitely one of the places I'd love to visit too.  I recently came back from an Island hopping week around the Cape Verde Islands and the Brazilian influence was prominent and made me think then how I'd love to visit.  Also how beautiful does it sound getting married in Seville, another place of mine I'd love to visit!
You can find our collections from Mama Rules here
Stay tuned next week when we see a glimpse into Laura's world and juggling motherhood and Mama Rules, in 48hrs in the life of...
We hope 2018 brings you all many more happy memories, love, laughter and smiles :)
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