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Mama et Moi Meets | jelliediary

Hi Everyone!  So it's that time of the month again where we kick off the next instalment of Mama et Moi meets.  Towards the end of last year, we got to know the lovely Ellie & Jamie, who if you don't know already are the lovely bunch behind, jelliediary.  Time to get comfy and get to know the lovely Ellie a little bit better, as Mama et Moi meets jelliediary...





1)  Tell us a little about yourself & how your blog came about?

Jamie and I set up The Jellie Diaries in August last year to document our first cycle of IVF. By day, I'm Editor and co-owner of My Baba, a UK online parenting magazine. It was a tricky place to work during the 18 months of trying (and failing) to get pregnant, so I initially decided to use the platform to write about the heartbreak of infertility. Anyone that knows me would agree that I've always been a bit of an over sharer. I thought it would be cool to film the cycle of IVF as a way of dealing with the process and also, in the hope that it might help others walking in the same shoes. Infertility SUCKS.




2) How do you juggle work/being a mama and keeping your blog up together?


Well, I'm not gonna lie. I'm really failing at this! Reflux babies are tough, but scratch that, all babies are hard work - Maddie is four months' today ( do checkin with @jelliediary on istagram, to see how much Maddie has grown too).  She's brilliant fun, and she's already sleeping through the night, but she's not yet mastered the art of day napping, so trying to keep a hand in at My Baba and think about ways I can develop The Jellie Diaries (I'm currently running three reader stories a week) feels a bit like a losing battle at the moment. There's that guilt of work v baby. Whichever one you're focussing on, you feel guilty about the other. I think most mums feel like that about the work/family balance. It goes with the territory! It's just about figuring out how to make ends meet.


3) Who are you top blogger influencers and why?


I am trying to figure out how to save the answer to this question, but there's no way I can. I actually don't actively follow other bloggers, perhaps if I did I'd be better at it. Nope, in my spare time I'm sneaking in an episode of Emmerdale, Neighbours, Corrie or 'Enders. Or Holby. A bit of Casualty? Yes. All of those. I'm not ashamed! :)


4) What have been your blog high's and low's?


Our high - without a doubt, the pregnancy test. What a vlog that was! Looking back, it was a bit nuts filming it, but we knew we could stop, delete and not upload. I think we would have uploaded it regardless of outcome though... Well - watch this space, we do want more than one child, if it's at all possible, so the journey is by far from over yet!

Lows - our most pissed off vlog was the day we should have had our c-section, (31st May) but got bumped to the day after, after hours and hours of fasting, no water, no food - I was hangry, man, hangry. We filmed our journey back home for the night, and I was visibly livid, but did a good job of keeping a lid on how frustrated I actually felt!


5) Three top tips you wish you knew when you started to blog?


1) Not to worry about trying to sound like a news reader. People like the bloopers. Nothing has to be perfect. You really do have to be yourself.

2) Save the videos. Save word docs of the blogs. I've lost at least one of our vidoes, and I'm so upset! It's even disappeared from YouTube for no apparent reason.

3) It's not really a top tip, more of a top wish. I'd like to increase our followers - we have a fantastic group of very awesome (mostly women) followers on Facebook. They are inspirational. The advice they share is invaluable and the journeys they have been through blow my mind. We're sharing our followers' journeys each week, and it would be fabulous to tell more people about what's going on over on our Facebook page as a support to more couples in the same position. It's turning into a brilliant support network and I'm honoured to play the role of the middle man to facilitate that.


6) What was your weirdest pregnancy craving?


Not to eat. I went off all food and became mega fussy. I just wanted chocolate. Standard for me - nothing new there!


7) What is the one thing you wish you knew before you had your baba?


I wish I'd known more about how breastfeeding might go wrong, why, and what to do about it. Supply wise. Although, saying that, I'm not sure I could have done anything to improve my rubbish supply from the off, but I just assumed the only problems I'd encounter were the latch issues, mastitis, those sorts of things. I wasn't prepared for how I felt when I couldn't feed my baby. It was devastating, and took me a while to come to terms with it.


8) If you could only have one item, what is the one thing as a Mama you couldn't live without?


Musys! For the endless vomit. There's always a wash on in our house! (Second would be washing powder!!)


9) Last time you had a full night's sleep?


Last night! Go Maddie :)


10) Most embarrassing Motherhood moment?


I find going to baby groups really quite daunting. Our first Monkey Music class saw me walking in on the previous lesson still in progress. It doesn't sound like much, but it had taken a lot of confidence mustering to sign up and go, and once I'd entered the room, I had to style it out and swiftly exit the room, once they'd told me my error. It was all going so well. I wanted to cry and run home. Reminded me of the first day of school...


11) If you had 48 hours without the munchkins what would you do?


I'd probably spend 24 hours in the pub, and the following 24 hours regretting it.


12) What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?


I used to be signed in a band, released two singles, one album, Slashed Seat Affair, Noises - it's still on iTunes if anyone would like to buy it. I'd love another 34p royalty cheque.


13) What has been the funniest mummy/daddy fails that has happened to you so far?


When Maddie was five weeks' old we took her along to my cousin's wedding. Unfortunately she threw up all over the groom, projectile, from a distance - he wasn't even holding her at the time! I like to think that was more of a Maddie fail :) Ha!


14) What destination is on your bucket list and why?


I'd love to see the Northern Lights. That'd be cool.


15) What is your knackered Mama Style tips?


Slap on the make-up. And then slap it on again.



We can't thank Ellie enough for wanting to take part in our blog series.  We loved getting to know her a little better and wow, 2 singles and an album!  Stay tuned next week where we will get to see a glimpse into Elllie, Jamie and Maddie's world with 48hrs in the life of...jelliediary

If you don't already, then do follow Ellie, Jaime and Maddie's journey







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