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Mama et Moi Meets Iris | Mumazed

Hi Everyone! As you know we are starting our new blog series. We are getting to know some of the lovely mum's and dad's, along with our brands, to really get to know the faces behind the squares of social media!

Our series starts off with Iris from Mumazed. Take a seat, grab a cuppa or vino :) and take a peek inside.  Don't forget to come back next week to see a glimpse into her life with our blog... 48 Hours In The Life Off....

1)  Tell us a little about yourself & how your blog came about?

I'm Iris, A 30 year old Dutchie living in the UK. I've been a commercial airline pilot for ten years now and am working for a big UK airline.

About two and a half years ago I decided to go on ONE Tinder date. It was my first one and my last. Even though I thought he was a massive weirdo, I decided he was going to be my weirdo. He is the father of Kiki and the love of my life.

Kiki was born in December 2016. I decided to post some pictures of her on instagram and now, 9 months later we have quite a following. I always loved writing and started a blog, combined with my instagram account, that soon turned out to be a success. I'm working on building a proper website but I just need to find some time!

2) How do you juggle work/being a mama and keeping your blog up together?

At the moment I am not back at work yet. I was supposed to go back in June but got bitten by a tick. I hope to get started soon, I miss working. At the moment ALL of my time goes to Kiki, I write my blog when she is asleep in the evenings. I would like to write more, I think it is just finding the right balance.

That is one thing I am quite worried about, how am I going to keep all these balls up in the air? How will Kiki do without me around all the time? I am quite terrified of letting her go...


3) Who are you top blogger influencers and why?

I really enjoy, because it is light hearted and a bit of fun.

My favourite at the moment is Australian blogger @angie_mahlke .  She tells stories through her pictures and I love how she speaks about her children.

My mama taught me the biggest justice you can do your children is seeing them for what they are. True love for your child is not only seeing there qualities, but also acknowledging their flaws. I think she captures that beautifully, I love the little stories under her pictures.

4) What has been your blog high's and low's ?

I think I haven't had real lows yet. I am trying to keep negativity away, it is working pretty well so far. I don't see the point in negative comments, we are all trying. If you don't like it, don't read it.

I think my high was when I wrote my blog 'gut feeling' about our journey getting Kiki diagnosed with cowsmilk protein allergy. I got a lot of reactions of people that thought their child had the same, or were happy they are not alone. I like it when my blog helps people in some kind of way. Even just having a bit of a laugh can sometimes make you feel a lot better in moments of despair.

5) Three top tips you wish you knew when you started to blog?

Most importantly I wish I knew how to get exposure. By now I have a quite solid base of readers, all through instagram. I was really unfamiliar with how it all worked!

Next to that you need to be different. There are so many great bloggers out there. Don't try to compete with them, try to do something unique. I am in no way ground breaking, but I do like to think I am a bit different. I try to keep my blogs short and honest. I try to keep it real.

Last but not least, there is no need to blog every day. In the beginning I really tried, but if there is nothing to tell, don't bother. We recently had a period where Kiki was quite unwell and I had a little break. I didn't lose any readers,  as soon as my new blog was up everyone was back!

6) What was your weirdest pregnancy craving?

Candy! Maybe not so weird to others but I don't have a sweet tooth at all. I gained a horrendous amount of weight being pregnant with Kiki.

When I looked in the mirror during my pregnancy I had some kind of reversed anorexia. I thought I looked pretty good, until I saw pictures after she was born. I was the size of a mini elephant. Nothing would fit me anymore. Not that weird if you realise I gained about 28 kg. I have lost 22 now, the last 6 are definitely the hardest. I hope that if I ever get pregnant again my cravings will be tomatoes and cucumbers.



7) What is the one thing you wish you knew before you had your baba?

I am used to having manuals and schedules. I like organisation and during my pregnancy I was very busy sorting out routines.

Three days after she was born I found out the best routine is no routine at all. Your baby is not going to do whatever you need him or her to do at certain times. As soon as I let it go, I had a much more relaxed baby and was a lot more relaxed myself. We went with her own schedule and that was just fine! It also created a lot less friction between me and her father. Because there will be friction. You both don't have a clue what you are doing in the beginning. You are exhausted. Recipe for disaster.

8) If you could only have one item, what is the one thing as a Mama you couldn't live without?

I think that has to be the Sleepyhead. She sleeps brilliantly in it. She is snug and safe, best invention ever.

Eds will probably choose the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine. Making bottles was a disaster in the beginning, cooling them down seemed to take forever with a screaming hungry baby on your lap. The machine makes the bottle for you, at the perfect temperature.

9) Last time you had a full night's sleep?

O please don't hate me for this but Kiki is a brilliant sleeper. We had some trouble a couple of weeks ago putting her to bed. Major drama, it would take us up to three hours to calm her down. But once she is asleep, she is a star. Always has been. She sleeps from about 8 until 6.30 at the moment.

10) Most embarrassing Motherhood moment?

That must be during one of our flights to Amsterdam, where we go quite often to visit my parents. Because of the weather and air traffic control restrictions we ended up being stuck on the plane for about an hour before the flight.

Kiki decided she didn't need her nap earlier that day so she was whining a lot. And then there was this woman sitting near us that kept looking at us, rolling her eyes. To be clear, I wasn't embarrassed because of Kiki. Yes, she was difficult, but she was only 8 months old. I was embarrassed of myself afterwards, since I kept smiling at her and was very apologetic. She was being the one misbehaving and I was embarrassed for focusing on her being happy in stead of the well being of my baby.

And then there was the time she rolled of off the bed of course...

11) If you had 48 hours without the munchkins what would you do?

I think I would go away somewhere for a night with Eds. Some hotel with spa, breakfast in bed and then a long walk in the forrest. It doesn't sound very exciting but it would be lovely. With my family living in the Netherlands and most of Eds' family living abroad it is not easy to get a babysitter. And I am not ready to leave her with a stranger. Don't think I'll ever be.

12) What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I was on the Dutch Pop Idol when I was 16. Got through to the 4th round. I love singing and do it a lot with Kiki, who then 'dances'.

13) What has been the funniest mummy/daddy fails that has happened to you?

I think that has to be the time that Eds changed her nappy after she had pooped when she was very little. He pulled the diaper from under her, thinking she was finished. She was not, so he decided to catch everything with her romper and then call me. Brilliant.

14) What destination is on your bucket list and why?

I would love to go back to Indonesia. I visited Bali with my parents when I was quite an obnoxious teenager, and would love to see it again now I am more balanced and happy with myself.

I have Indonesian roots (one of my grandmothers in Indonesian) and would love to show Kiki where a part if us comes from. But I do think she needs to be a bit bigger so she can really enjoy such a trip. Maybe in a couple of years...

15) What is your knackered Mama Style tips?

No matter what day, I try to put some makeup on. I am blonde and look like a bit of a goldfish without, but more importantly it just makes me feel better when I look in the mirror.

It says I still care a little bit about myself, I think. Always does the trick. And even when I stay in, I try to get out of my pyjamas. This advice was given by my mother (who is always right), and it really does the trick.

We can't thank the lovely Iris enough for opening up and sharing a bit about herself.  How amazing to be on the Dutch Pop Idol!   If you don't follow her on instagram then do! You can find her @mumazed.   Come back next Sunday so we can see 48 Hours In The Life Off Mumazed. 



We can't wait!  If you want to take part in our blog series then please do get in touch with us at


Mama et Moi


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