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48 Hours In The Life Of Mumazed

Hi Everyone! We hoped you loved last week's post where we introduced our new blog series. We started off with the lovely Iris from Mumazed and wow, Dutch Pop Idol and an airline pilot! Isn't it great we got a chance to find out a little more behind her squares.  The second part to our series is 48 Hours In The Life of Mumazed, so we get to see an insight into her and Kiki's world.  Make yourself comfy and take a peek...

48 HOURS IN THE LIFE OF ...Mumazed






I hear Kiki chatting away in bed. Time for a bottle. Eds always goes down to make her one and then goes to the spare room to sleep a bit more. It is an unwritten agreement that somehow didn't work out that well for me. But it doesn't matter, because after her bottle we cuddle and chat in bed and facetime my parents in The Netherlands.

We do that every day and it is, without a doubt, my favourite time of the day. After about an hour we go down and Kiki is allowed to watch a bit of Peppa Pig, while I make myself a coffee (3 shots). I then put her in her playpen, which was a safe place until yesterday when she decided to start pulling herself up on the sides. Very cute, but also a bit nerve wrecking since she just drops herself when she gets tired.

Every time she falls down, bumps her head and starts crying daddy walks into the room and looks at me like I have personally pushed her over. I decide to take her up and give her the bottle so she can have her morning nap. She does anything from one hour to three and I hope she meets me somewhere in the middle today, so I can wash my hair, put some makeup on and make myself some breakfast...


Kiki is still asleep. In the meantime I've had my breakfast, took a shower put on some makeup, and decided to cook a bunch of bulgur for her lunch.

I freeze everything in ice cube trays so daddy can easily put together a balanced meal when I am at work. I somehow thought it was a great idea to do a whole pack at once so now I need time to fill 300 ice cube trays, which I don't have.

Five minutes later Kiki is awake. We have to go to London today to pick up the tailored suit daddy got from us for his birthday. We are in quite a rush because we have some house viewings planned and I prep her meal to go and half an hour later we are on the road. About 3 minutes into our journey I smell Kiki. She is just going to have to deal with it now, I will sort her out once there.


We are in London and I decide to change Kiki quickly in the car. Or so I think. Explosive is not the right word. The poop is EVERYWHERE. It is dark in the parking garage and Kiki is scared, so she starts to scream. While I scrape the poop out of her neck (literally) I ask Eds to hand me the spare outfit. Turns out it is in the bigger diaper bag, the one I didn't bring, and all we have is a short sleeved vest.

Brilliant. As soon as I have the situation kind of under control we run into the first children's store we see. Jacadi. A small fortune later we walk out with a fashionably dressed hungry Kiki. Kiki is the sweetest baby, but if she is hungry.... We sit down in the first cafeteria we see and Kiki gets fed while I shove a salad down my throat. Eds reminds me we have 15 minutes left before we have to leave. Which should be enough to try on a suit and do some alterations if necessary. Right. Thank god the suit fits, but we are 20 minutes behind on schedule when we finally get in the car.

We arrive at the house we wanted to view 20 minutes late and are greeted by a typical estate agent. The sight of the house from the outside makes me quite curious. Could this be our dream house? Unfortunately it didn't last long. I am simply too tall and can hardly stand up anywhere. When the estate agent tells me it is something I will get used to I am done. I am tired, I want to go home. I don't want to see this house anymore and I don't want to see this estate agent any more. The other viewing is rescheduled for friday.

When we get home we quickly make a bottle for Kiki and go upstairs with her, in the hope she'll have a little nap. She is not in the mood for sleeping and when we come back down Eds is fixing a harness to her high chair. Kiki goes in the playpen and I sit down for a sec to see what is happening on instagram. Then I prepare her solids to have them spat all over me an hour later. I am supposed to do baby led weaning but I am too tired.


As a result of the poop incident earlier, Kiki is in desperate need of a bath. And when I see that face, for a moment I forget everything. Only for a moment though, because when all is done and Eds is giving her her final bottle of the day I have to put this mornings bulgur in labeled freezer bags and prepare dinner. Since I still need to lose another 4 kilos we don't eat the same. I make Eds toad in the hole with peas and I decide to have duckbreast with spinach. I quickly wash out Kiki's morning outfit, treat the stains with Savon de Marseille and leave them to soak.




Kiki is asleep and we sit down for dinner. Halfway through Kiki starts screaming. I saw some teeth trying to make their way to the surface earlier so I'm not surprised. Then again, it can also be here tummy. Fingers crossed she won't vomit. Eds goes up while I finish my food. Then we swap. I pop her on my belly and put 'you got a friend in me' on repeat. I wriggle for ten minutes or so and a bit later Kiki is back to sleep. Until she is back in bed. I stay with her a bit more and when I finally leave the room it is 20.30. I wouldn't mind going to bed myself now.

We watch some telly and when we finally go to bed I tell Eds 'well done, it was such a stressful day'. He says he didn't find it very stressful. Just tiring. I rest my case. And my head. Good night.




Kiki has been chatting to herself in bed for about half an hour already but since she seemed happy I decided to stay in bed a little bit longer. When I enter her room she shrieks and her little arms go up. I take her to our bed for a bottle and a cuddle and we facetime opa and oma.

She does find it very weird that they seem to live in the phone. It gets even more confusing when we use the normal phone. When we are done, I take her down to watch Peppa. I take her food out of the freezer and try to order some shoes for Eds, but have some card trouble and accidentally order them twice. Today is going to be a lot more relaxed than yesterday, or at least that is the plan. I need to do some studying and Eds will be home during the day.


Kiki gets her bottle and while changing her I see the two teeth that will soon be here. She is not grumpy at all, good news. I take her to bed and she sleeps for an hour. In the meantime I do some chores and get everything set up for the first proper session of baby led weaning. I wrote a blog about hating it very much after seeing it with my friends, but the dietician said it was the only way  for Kiki to prevent her becoming scared of food.

She vomits a lot and has been refusing solids lately so I decided to give it a go. I still heat up a meal of cauliflower, broccoli, chicken, couscous and gravy. But I also make her a sandwich with peanut butter, some pieces of avocado and cucumber.


I HATE baby led weaning. I put down a garbage bag under her high chair and put her in some proper gear, but I can't prevent her from being totally covered in food. I thought she would just bring the spoon to her mouth and that would be it. I am obviously an idiot. But she did eat really well.

Realising this is the way forward makes me want to cry. It doesn't only take ages for her to eat, it also takes ages for me to clean up the mess. And what about the drawers full of frozen beefcheeks, goat, lamb, salmon, tuna? Eds takes Kiki for a bit so I can do some laundry. Not much later he takes her up for a bottle and a nap, so I can study.






Studying in the spare bedroom is a bad idea. I wake up with my head in my book, literally. I have studied for about an hour and slept for one too. Kiki is still asleep which means there is no way I will be able to meet my friends Jo and Sarah for tea/wine at Jo's house in 30 minutes. With pain in my heart I cancel them and decide to do some more studying.



We ran out of olive oil and butter so in order to prepare myself a proper meal tonight I drive to the gas station. Back home I see Kiki playing happily in her pen so I sit down to read the news and check my instagram.

Eds is playing squash tonight so I don't need to worry about his food, he will have ready made lasagna whe he gets back. I decide to heat up a pouch for Kiki and about an hour later she happily eats her sweet potato with coconut. She is really tired so after a bit of Peppa I bring her up.







She is asleep at 7.15 (yeay!) and I put my chicken in the oven. I always miss Eds when he is not around but I don't mind having a bit of time for myself tonight.

I catch up on instagram and try to write a blog. I have 'One born every minute' on on the background and found motherhood has made me an emotional wreck. With tears in my eyes I eat my chicken.




We are in bed, talking about the day. For about a minute or two. 'Let's just stay in and do nothing tomorrow' Awesome idea...

Have you loved getting to know Iris from Mumazed and Kiki, as much as we have?  We can't thank them enough for wanting to take part in our series.

We had the chance to meet Iris at our pop up shop in Chichester. She came to one of our events at Drapers Yard

We get to engage with our social media community online which is great but being able to get to know the people behind the squares in person, is definitely something we want to do more of.

Thank you for letting us share a bit of your world. You can follow Iris on instagram @mumazed

Behind every picture there is always a story....

Stay tuned to see who's next!  If you would like to take part in our blog series we would love to hear from you. Just send us an email to


Mama et Moi


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