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48 Hours In The Life Of....Mama Rules

If you have been following our blog series, you will know it is that time of the month again where we get to know Laura a little bit better, in our 48 hours in the life of.  Earlier this month you would have seen the first instalment of Mama et Moi meets.  Laura is the face behind our gorgeous brand Mama Rules. Get to see a glimpse of how she juggles running her business and a yummy mummy too.  Take a peek at 48 Hours In The Life of....Mama Rules.





A typical 48 hrs with Mama Rules
My two year old daughter Effie May is my alarm clock so we are normally up early at 6am
During breakfast I normally post a morning update to social media mainly Instagram, Facebook and sometimes Twitter and spend some time together as a family before my Husband leaves for work.
I then juggle getting myself and Effie ready, answering any urgent emails, playing, preparing orders and responding to customers.
Effie and I normally have an early lunch together. We then head out to post orders, followed by entertaining Effie in some way.  We get out and about and get some fresh air, whether its going to meet friends, toddler ballet class (not for the faint hearted), a children's centre, play centre or park.
The plan then is to get Effie down for her daily nap - I never know how long this will take or how long the nap will last. So it's a race to then get as much work done as possible. I really have to prioritise and be decisive as the time can go so quickly.
Then once Effie wakes up, I try to tidy the carnage that a toddler creates as well as playing with her. Our favourite game is the tidy tidy game! Plus answer emails where I can.
It's then all about the bedtime routine. Effie's never been a great sleeper and this can take some time. My husband is brilliant and one of us will take on the majority of the bedtime routine whilst the other cooks.
Dinner with my husband is time to relax together (sometimes we manage to fit dinner in as a three before Effie's bedtime which is always nice too). I then start working again until it's time to sleep. The work can vary from working on marketing, new designs and products, working with suppliers, admin, etc, etc so I'm kept on my toes and I'm never bored.
The days vary dependant on many events that we are lucky enough to go to such as mum meet ups, whether it is a promotional blogger or business event  or going to press week events etc
There's a great community of people out there especially of mums working hard to start their own businesses. It's a great way to meet people in a similar situation to yourself. We're also mixing it up, currently with antenatal check ups and house hunting.
All of this will completely change of course I'm sure in the new year when our next little baby girl arrives. I'm planning to add in some childcare to make everything possible.
Since having spoke to Laura she has now had another gorgeous little girl called Mia and as any new mum knows it will always be a juggling act to find your routines!
We can't wait to see what 2018 brings for Mama Rules as we absolutely love the muslins.  From the bright designs to the monochrome cool vibes.  Take a peek at our current collections with Mama et Moi
We have loved getting to know Laura and can't wait for the next month to see who will be featured!  If you would like to take part in our blog series we would love to hear from you! Email us at
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