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48 Hours In The Life Of ...Little Me London

Who is ready for part two! We hope you all enjoyed getting to know the lovely Tiffany from Little Me London, as much as we did.  It's that time again where all you need to do is grab that cuppa or something stronger (if it's been one of those weeks, of course!) and take a peek into 48 Hours In The Life Of ... Little Me London




Rupert wakes up for his morning feed and we then both have a lovely cuddle in bed and chat about the day ahead (ok, I chat – he just had a bemused look on his face!)

After about an hour, Rupert drifts off to sleep again (Hello morning nap!) and I get up to get showered, changed and prepared for the day ahead!


When Rupert wakes I spent AT LEAST half an hour going through his wardrobe as he have a pretty big day today – It’s Rupert’s first TV appearance which we are filming with MumsNet.

Before I had Rupert, I was a journalist and TV presenter and I was determined to carry on working even with a gorgeous little baby in tow. So I was over the moon when Mumsnet contacted me and said they want to film a ‘how to..’ video with Rupert.

The idea is to show their viewers ‘how to bathe a baby’ and considering Rupert LOVES his bath, it seemed like the perfect thing to do! Once Rupert is up and dressed, I give him his morning feed and we have a play before the TV crew arrive!


With filming in full swing, Rupert seems to be in his element and is completely fascinated by all of the cameras and lights in the studio. The TV crew are incredible and let him take a break whenever we wants some food, or just some time to chill out.  However Rupert seems to love filming with his mummy and has taken to it like a pro. We send his Daddy the obligatory ‘look what we are doing today!’ photos via whats’app.



Its time for Rupert’s long sleep (ha – long sleep? He never sleeps for more than an hour!) So I take the opportunity to do some research for my blog and set up some photos of luxury products I might be reviewing his month. I’m certainly not a professional photographer but I do want to make sure my blog looks neat, tidy and stylish, so I often spend a lot of time snapping away photos on my iphone until I get the perfect one.

As a magazine journalist (I write for Grazia, Stylist etc) im also a perfectionist when it comes to writing blog posts. I’ll spend as long as I can whilst Rupert is sleeping making sure I’m happy with everything and scheduling all upcoming posts!



Its Rupert’s lunchtime and as we have just started weaning this means seeing what hysterical faces he can pull as I try to tempt him with sweet potato puree or mashed banana.


We set out in the car to head to the Kings Road in Chelsea for ‘research.’ As Little Me London is a ‘luxury parenting blog, I use any excuse that I can to check out the latest luxury baby products or clothes. My husband always raises his eyebrows in that ‘I-know-what-you-are-really-doing’ way, when I explain I'm off to do ‘research.

I think he has got me sussed that ‘research’ actually means spending a lot of money on my credit card buying baby stuff!


Rupert and I are back home and it’s time for his split feed and bath - time. I basically feed him a little but just before his bath so he is nice and relaxed and chilled.

I then pop him into the water and he spends at least 20 minutes splashing around and playing with his rubber duck. He loves the water so much. I'm convinced he’s going to be an Olympic Swimmer when he grows up!

After his bath, I give him the rest of his feed and then read him a bedtime story, before snuggling him up in his sleeping bag and putting him to bed.


This is usually when I pour myself a nice glass of wine, sit down and go through all of my social media for the blog. I’ll post updates to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and then spend some time reading some of my favorite mummy blogs for inspiration.

We are fortunate enough to have a nanny who works a couple of days and nights a week. I quite often use this as an opportunity to attend any evening press events or parties, or just meet up with friends for dinner in Chelsea.


It’s ‘dream feed’ time which I must admit I love. There is nothing nicer than a warm, tired baby who just wants to snuggle with their mummy whilst you feed them.

If I’m lucky, I'll then head to bed myself and Rupert will sleep through until 6 the next morning. (Any Mummies reading this – I just want to reassure you. This DOES NOT happen every night. There are some nights Rupert wakes at 2, 3, 4 and 5am and ‘wants to play/have his nappy changed/wants to chat.” ON those nights I tend to find that the following day is spent sans makeup and still in my PJ’s!)


Rupert wakes and we start the day again with cuddles and milk.


After his little sleep and ‘2nd breakfast,  we head to his ‘baby swimming’ class which we both love. There is something SO CUTE about those little swimming shorts babies have to wear. However, on the way there we receive a text from the swimming teacher which reads “Disaster. Poonado in the pool. Class cancelled until next week.” I have to chuckle at this – babies and their poo habits always manage to make me laugh!

We take a detour and head to the nearest coffee shop, where Rupert happily ‘reads’ (read as ‘scrunches and eats’) his favourite book whilst mummy has a much needed coffee!



Rupert is off to sleep again and i'm back on my laptop writing my latest blog posts or googling ‘baby news.’ I quite often email my mummy  friends when inspiration hits for  a blog post and sound it out with them to see what they think. I find I get a real adrenaline rush when I get an email back that says “OMG this SO happened to me….I’d love to read it!”




After Rupert is fed we both head to meet our NCT class for our personal training session (mums, not babies.) Whilst the babies all happily sit and coo at each other on a blanket in the park, their mummies puff and pant next to them whilst we are put through the torturous routine of trying to get our ‘pre mummy figures’ back. This involves a very lovely, but very tough, personal trainer shouting at us all whilst we attempt lunges and planks.

We then ruin all the hard work by taking the babies to the nearest coffee shop where we all eat as much cake as we possibly can!


Rupert loves nothing more than a walk in the park – he is obsessed with dogs already – so we spend the rest of the afternoon walking around and getting some fresh air. Then it’s back home for a feed, bath, story-time and bed.


Once Rupert is asleep I’ll catch up on other ‘non blog related’ work such as finishing an article I’m writing for a baby magazine, or chatting to my agent about my next filming schedule. I'm excited to find out i'm filming for a new channel 4 TV show as this gives me another excuse to get online and shop! After all, every mummy needs a new outfit every now and again!


Its dream feed time and snuggles with my little boy. The best time of the day by far!







More about me: 

We can't thank Tiffany enough for wanting to share a glimpse into her life with Rupert.  The swimming pool story did make me laugh, as it has happened to us.  My parents lived in Spain for 11 years until recently. The whole family were together and my niece who must have been 6 months old at the time did a poo in the pool and as you can imagine it caused havoc!

Don't forget to come back next month to see who we meet next! We hope you are enjoying our series as much as we are!  If you would like to take part then do let us know.  Email us as we would love to hear from you.

See you see next month!





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