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48 Hours In The Life Of...Jelliediary

Ok, so last week guys, we got to know the lovely Ellie from jelliediary.  Mama et Moi had a chat with Ellie towards the end of last year for our new blog series, Mama et Moi meets, which we hope you love reading as much as we do!  I think the thing I have loved the most is getting to see a glimpse of the real people behind the squares. With instagram, it really does feel more of a community and everyone is so willing to help with either advice, tricks, tips and of course support. It can be a lovely community and it has been nice to get to know them a little bit better.  We follow some lovely accounts and can't wait to get to know more of you!

Now, tell me who went and had a listen to Ellie's song she mentioned in her last post?  Anyway enough from me, It's that time again where we get to see a glimpse into the life of Jelliediary, so grab that cuppa or vino and get comfy!

48 Hours In The Life Of Jelliediary


0650 hours

It’s Saturday morning and Jamie’s up early doing his one morning feed of the week, so it’s my turn to have a little lie-in. I’ve always been rubbish at lying in, so I’m usually up early anyway, and I’m especially rubbish at sleeping through any sort of baby noise. Jamie always takes a little longer to register that she’s awake, I think it’s a Dad thing; he attributes it to deafness from a rugby injury, but I don’t buy it, it’s selective hearing I’m telling you! Also, I don’t know about other babies, but I always find Maddie so happy and smiley first thing, I feel like I’ve missed out if I don’t see her when she wakes up.


After Maddie’s first bottle of the day, we de-camp from the bedroom to the living room where we put her in the Tripp Trapp in the kitchen while we eat breakfast. She enjoys watching Jamie make an omelet, while I’ll get some Branflakes on the go. Jamie tries to put on the Aviva Premiership, while I do Maddie a favour and switch channels to CBeebies. She’s not really into watching TV just yet, pretty much everything she likes to do lasts approximately 2-3 minutes before you have to switch it up and entertain her with something else, but she does like to check out that cute rabbit Bing and I insist on an episode of my own personal favourite, Postman Pat.



12.00 noon

Jamie spends Saturday captaining the local rugby team, and when they play at home Maddie and I walk up to the grounds to watch, and take some photos of the action for the club’s Instagram account. When the match is away, like this Saturday, we make other plans. This Saturday my parents, Granny and Grandpa came over for lunch, sardines on toast (much to the approval of Reggie, our cat), and we spent an hour or so in the garden, planting some crocus bulbs in the garden for spring, and marvelling over the fact that my little make shift pond at the very top of the garden has had a total of nine lily flowers this year. Just call me Monty Don.

According to Wonder Weeks, Maddie is going through one of the most difficult stages in development so far, so I like to attribute her particularly shouty mood that day to this. She was so grumpy, she even earned herself a new nickname from Grandpa, ‘Grotbags’ – to which my mum suddenly remembered was the very same name he called me at a similar age…

Maddie seems to have started teething, so she spent most of Saturday afternoon dribbling, chewing invisible chewing gum, and trying to eat her hands – aka, a cracking way to pass the time. She hasn't yet mastered the art of day napping, so I get very little done, but she sleeps through the night so I really cannot complain. In spare moments where she is occupied, or dozing, I catch up on the Jellie Diaries’ Facebook page

There are always lots of messages to respond to, and stories readers have sent in for me to share to prepare for the week. I’ve just set up a Jellie Diaries FB group, ‘A Place to Chat About IVF’, which in a week has over one hundred members, all helping each other out with their worries, queries, hopes and fears. I consider myself lucky to be the middleman in facilitating a place for people to chat. All the followers of our Facebook page and the members of our new group are inspirational women, all with each other’s best interests at heart. It’s a very special community to be a part of.

I’m also busy in my My Baba emails, keeping track of what’s going on at work, dealing with brands, press releases, and content for the website.


My parents stuck around for Maddie’s bathtime, which is one of my favourite parts of the day. She’s just learning to splash about a bit. It’s mega cute to watch.

My parents gone and Jamie back home deflated after a 54-0 loss (he told me not to put this, so let’s say they won, 100 – 0). It’s now 6.30pm and we’re looking at settling her down for the night. With all the media coverage this week on sleep positioners and the fact that she’s now 18 weeks, we decided to ditch the Cocoonababy and dig out one of her sleeping bags, to see how she’d get on lying flat. With her reflux we’ve personally found the Cocoonababy a godsend. She’s now a lot better dairy free and on ranitidine, but still vomits frequently each day (there is always a wash on and we own about 100 musys!). We were interested to see how she’d get on in her cot in just a sleeping bag, and prepared ourselves for a rubbish night’s sleep.



I went to bed at pretty much the same time as the baby, while Jamie stayed downstairs and cracked open a bottle of red, and put on some action packed Netflix box set to take his mind of the afternoon’s match.

The Night Feeds

Jamie wakes Maddie for the night feed at 10.30pm each night, and on this occasion, she didn’t take much, and ended up waking at 3.30am wanting a bottle. This was unusual for her, but she did exactly the same thing a couple nights prior, so I think we are in for a bit (hopefully not a lot) of sleep regression. She’s been sleeping through the night since the day she turned 3 months, which we are very thankful about. In those days I could get away with watching an episode of Emmerdale at 3am without her being too aware, but if I did that now, she’d wake fully and want to watch. She’s a big fan, I’m sure of it.

Luckily, we weren’t up for long, I kept her upright for 15 minutes after she’d fallen asleep at the bottle to minimise the amount of milk that might come back up and I put her back to sleep without a hitch. She didn’t wake up until 7.50am! For half hour we all lie in our bed, our two cats Reggie and Delilah join too for cuddles.






We went to our local garden centre for a cooked breakfast at 10.30am, and from there we drove down to Woking – I had decided it was time to introduce her to the mecca that is Toys R Us. Typically she slept through the entire trip, cosy and warm in her buggy. It’s the same Toys R Us I used to go to as a kid, and so much of it remains the same as the 1980’s! Nostalgic, or what? I have vivid memories of skating up and down the aisles in a pair of roller stakes, with neon orange palm trees on them. What a time to be alive.

After a pit shop in a café to feed her and an excuse to grab a hot chocolate, we made our way back home. We decided to skip the weekly shop and do it online, and instead we spent an hour doing a review of the Cosatto Pom Pom Tree Giggle 2, via a trip to the local Co Op to get dinner. We took to chilling on the sofa. I left the room for two minutes and the telly’s turned on, Aviva Premiership booming through the house, Sarries v Wasps. Sadly my favourite Joe Launchbury was not playing. Sarries’ winning. Yawn.



Before we know it, it’s already Maddie’s bath time, and she’s washed and clean and ready for the wind-down before bed. Jamie busies himself up in the attic, storing away the clothes that are now too small and bringing down the box of bigger outfits to remember what we’ve got (who knows about number 2, we can dream, but I know it’ll be a girl, if we do get lucky).

We nestle Maddie on the sofa in her sleeping bag to drift off to sleep, which happened so quickly that night, and then whisked her off to her bed where she continued to sleep through. Seamless!

We cooked dinner - chicken stuffed with Boursin cheese, wrapped in Proscuitto ham, with stuffed mushrooms, and settled down to watch King Arthur, the film by Guy Ritchie (it was actually pretty good despite the bad press!) while keeping a close eye on Maddie via our monitor app.

By 9.30pm we were both in bed next to her. Maddie woke at 4am for a bottle (I think sleep regression is definitely here, oh joy!) but it was a swift session, and she went back down with a hitch. It was 7.40am before she awoke again, ready for her third lot of vaccines at the Drs… Grotbags here we come!



A huge thank you to Ellie, Maddie and Jamie for sharing a glimpse of their life with us.  The picture above is a recent one of the three of them as Maddie was around 4 months when we did the interview with Ellie and Jamie.  Look how much she has grown,adorable!  If you don't follow Ellie then you can find her on Facebook which you will see the link above or also on instagram too

If you would like to take part in our blog series then we would love to hear from you!  You can get in touch on facebook   or instagram or you can email us

Don't forget to come back next month to see who we have met next :)




Mama et Moi


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