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The Cuddledry baby apron towel attaches around your neck like an apron, so both hands are free. Lifting baby up out of the bath is easy and safe, and you cuddle and dry your baby in your arms naturally, strengthening the bond between you. The cosy hood goes over their head to keep them warm and calm. You don't have to think about holding a towel at all.

This is the major safety advantage of the Cuddledry baby apron bath towel, but there are plenty more features to its unique design. The towel is super soft – and it's made with bamboo and cotton, so it stays that way even after washing. The towel keeps you nice and dry, and it's attached to you, removing the risk of having to move away from your baby even for a second. The single-handed easy-release poppers allow you to detach the towel simply and lay baby down on a changing mat still snugly wrapped. In addition, the towel is double-layered, not only giving it a luxurious thick texture, but absorbing water faster and keeping it away from baby's skin.

The Cuddledry baby apron bath towel has quickly become a product new parents can't do without, and is a bestselling gift as it is so useful but also luxurious.

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